Music Morphing offers a unique and innovative approach which creates the possibility of re-working with the composer the music presented here. Together we agree on a job tailored to your budget, that can mean everything from the reassembly of separate tracks to the recording of new instruments.  Music will be remixed to measure, according to each sequence.

How to proceed?

It’s simple: you create an account (it takes 1 minute). You will then be able to download all our Themes for free. For each Theme, you will get a folder containing all the high quality wav versions, accompanied by an htm file giving the all the required information.

Whatever you choose to do you need to to send us the final cue-sheet which will be returned signed. We can even assist in this aspect, simply send us the final cut of the film/programme. If you need prior authorization, just ask for it!

Contact us : musicmorphing@gmail.com

We will reply without delay. Your sole contact throughout the process will be with the composer, from start to finish.

Happy Morphing !